December Newsletter

Ewald - 12/1/2018

Post 12087 Officers
Commander: Ken Gerber
Sr. Vice Commander: Tom Johnson
Jr. Vice Commander: Ewald Kuefner
Quartermaster: Eugene Mills
Judge Advocate: Nick Flake
Adjutant: David Earle, Jr.
Chaplain: David Earle, Jr.
Service Officer: Horace Fleming
Surgeon: William Cook
Officer of the Day: David Helvie
1st Year Trustee: Kendall Workman
2nd Year Trustee: Heath Silcox
3rd Year Trustee: David Helvie
Public Relations Officer: Ewald Kuefner

Commander’s Corner
Ken Gerber, Commander

Hello Comrades,

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We hope the season finds you happy and healthy!
Our meeting this month is our VFW Family Christmas party
on the 9th of December at 5:00 pm at the home of Mike
Stiebing. We will start with a short meeting and then
proceed to the festivities. We will have a $10.00 gift
exchange for those who want to participate in this activity.
We are expecting a special guest to be there with us!
Dinner will be catered by Texas Roadhouse, a big
supporter of our post, so we need an RSVP, asap! If you
have not been contacted for a count, please call Mike or
myself. It will be an amazing evening and even better with
you and your family there!
In addition, our post has been quite active this last month
with the delivering ‘appreciation plaques’ to the local
Sports Clips Barber Shops in South Jordan and Riverton for
their support to the VFW and Veterans. Sports Clips is a
wonderful partner to the VFW and they support us
a great deal.
We also had our Awards Dinner for the post winners
of the Teachers, Voice of Democracy and Patriots
Pen contestants. We filled the room and had a great
time honoring them.
This month we are participating in ‘Bowling for Toys
for Tots’ and hope you can join us. Bring new
unwrapped toys to the Valley Bowing Lanes, 3951
W 5400 S, SLC at 12 noon, Saturday December 9th
We would like to have a big group to assist those
who need it this Christmas. If you know a family that
needs help, send them to the Toys for Tots website.
If there are any families that are in need of a
Christmas dinner, please pass on the information to
us so that we can help. We want everyone we can
to have a full and complete Christmas.
Ken Gerber, Commander
Direct 801-502-4999

President Trump Presents Medal
of Honor to Vietnam War Medic
An incredible example of courage and resolve / 23 October 2017/ by Matthew Cox
President Donald Trump on Monday presented the
nation’s highest award for valor to a former Green
Beret medic for operation during the Vietnam War.
At a White House ceremony, Trump presented the
Medal of Honor to retired Army Capt. Gary Michael
Rose for treating as many as 70 wounded soldiers
during Operation Tailwind from September 11 to
September 14, 1970. For many years after the war,

Rose never spoke of the operation until it was de-
classified in 1998.

"For many years the story of Mike’s heroism has
gone untold, but today we gather to tell the world
of his valor and proudly present him with our
nation’s highest military honor,” President Trump
told an audience, which included nine surviving
Medal of Honor recipients. Before Mike’s wife,
Margaret, their three children and two
grandchildren, Trump described the sacrifices Mike
made while serving as the only medic for the 136-
man force on Operation Tailwind.

"Helicopters dropped the unit into Laos. Before they
even touched the ground, enemy fire struck three
men.” As the unit pushed deeper into enemy
territory, it ran into more enemy forces, and took
more casualties.
Rose, a sergeant at the time, moved through the
enemy fire to treat the mounting numbers of
wounded, firing at the enemy in-order-to get to the
wounded men. Gunfire was so intense that Rose
had to crawl from position to position to treat the
wounded. Mike ran, crawled, and maneuvered his
way to a wounded man, shielding the soldier with
his own body as he treated him.
Rose then dragged the wounded soldier back to the
company with one hand while holding back and
engaging the enemy with his weapon in the other
hand. Soon after they returned to their unit, a
rocket-propelled grenade exploded nearby and shot
smoldering metal into Mike’s back and into his leg,”
Trump continued, "He was seriously, seriously
wounded. "The shrapnel left a gaping hole in Mike’s
foot. "For the next excruciating 48 hours he used a
limb as a crutch and went on rescuing the
The company had taken so many wounded that a
medevac helicopter was radioed. The helicopter
was unable to land in the small opening where the
company sought cover, and Rose, standing and fully
exposed to the withering enemy fire, attempted to
pass the wounded up to the crew on the hovering
helicopter. So intense was the enemy fire, the
medevac pilot was forced to abort the mission and
the severely damaged helicopter crashed a few
miles away.
Using close air support, Rose’s unit was able to
break out of their defensive position. Rose
improvised stretchers for the wounded, which now
numbered over half the company.
On the last day of the mission, after destroying an
enemy base camp, Rose’s unit was notified by the
forward air controller that over 500 NVA were
moving on their position. The company was ordered
to a helicopter extraction point as Air Force assists
cleared their path, guiding the company to the next
landing zone.
The enemy attacked from all sides. Rose’s unit set
up a perimeter around the L. Z. Rose moved under
intense fire from the assaulting NVA to retrieve the
friendly dead and wounded and return them to the
company defensive perimeter. The extraction
helicopters arrived, but Rose waited to board the
last bird, firing at the enemy while he hobbled up
the loading ramp. Shortly after takeoff, the
helicopter was "hit by enemy fire,” Trump
continued to describe the action.
Then Marine door gunner was soon shot through
his neck. Rose rushed to his aid and treated him.
It saved the Marine’s life before the helicopter
"Mike was thrown off the aircraft before it hit the
ground, but he raced back to the crash site and
President Trump Presents Medal of Honor
to Vietnam War Medic continued....
pulled one man after another out of the smoking
and smoldering helicopter as it spewed jet fuel from
its ruptured tanks,” Trump explained. Rose
continued to treat the injured until another
helicopter arrived on the scene to extract the men.
President Trump continued, "In every action during
those four days, Mike valiantly fought for the lives
of his comrades, even if it meant the end of his own
life. Mike, I have to say, your will to endure, your
love for your fellow soldiers, your devotion to your
country inspires us all. Nations are formed under
the strength and patriotism that lives in the hearts
of our great heroes.”
President Trump took a moment to recognize the
ten members of Rose’s former unit that served
alongside him on Tailwind. Trump asked them to
stand as he called out each of their names to the
audience’s applause.
Mike went on to become an officer in the Army, and
served for over 20 years. Now Mike and his wife live
in Huntsville, Alabama, where he lives by a core
conviction. "You continue to serve your country by
helping your neighbors in many different capacities.
Rose volunteers for the American Legion and many
other organizations. "He volunteers at a local soup
kitchen, fixes appliances for the needy, donates his
hair for those suffering from cancer; makes lunches
for children in need, and organizes community
gatherings to bring people closer together.”
"Mike, we honor you, we thank you, we salute you
and with hearts full of admiration and pride we
present you with the Congressional Medal of
Trump placed the prestigious medal around Rose’s
neck as he stood at attention with a solemn
expression fixed on his face. Dressed in his Army
dress blue uniform, Mike shook hands with
President Trump and then rendered a salute.
By Matthew Cox

Remembering Pearl Harbor, Dec ‘41
December 04. 2017
Kansas City, MO – Thursday marks the 76th
anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
recognizes all who served and remembers those
who paid the ultimate sacrifice that fateful day and
in the years that followed. The attack on Pearl
Harbor was an immense tragedy, the likes of which
America had never seen before. Leaving 3,500 dead
or wounded and our naval forces nearly crippled,
the events of December 7, 1941 altered the course
of history.
The attack awoke "a sleeping giant”, and has
become synonymous with our nation’s
determination and unbreakable spirit. It continues
to stand as a testament to future generations that
while our homeland may be attacked, and our
buildings destroyed, our enemies will never defeat
our republic or our way of life.
On this National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day,
the VFW asks every American to take a moment to
remember and be inspired by the contributions,
devotion and character of all who have served and
sacrificed for our nation’s freedom. ###
"In 1991 my wife and I took a trip to Hawaii, specifically,
Pearl Harbor. It was the 50th year commemoration and was
an awesome experience. Dressed in uniforms of the day, the
military band was playing the many hits of the 40’s; there
were displays depicting the events of that day; and artifacts
and murals. A number of veterans, who were young in 1941,
told of their harrowing experiences. It was a very emotional
and patriotic day never to be forgotten.” Ewald Kuefner

VFW Post 433 Hosts Christmas Party
for Hospitalized Vets
By Joan Furey, PAO, VFW Post 433 Sayville

Sayville Veterans of Foreign Wars Post held its
annual holiday party for hospitalized veterans at its
post on Lakeland Avenue. This was their biggest
party ever, with close to 50 veterans and guests.
Thanks goes out to the management and staff of
the Long Island State Veterans Home, the VA
Medical Center at Northport and Veterans Service
for the Homeless, for transporting their residents to
our facility and providing staff to stay with them.
Without their help we would not be able to host for
many of these men and women.
We were thrilled to have an ensemble of musicians
from the US Army Band, 42nd Infantry Division from
Camp Smith join us. the band played a wide variety
of music including both patriotic and seasonal
music. Everyone had an opportunity to sing along
with some holiday favorites.
DJ Linda and the Sayville Country Dancers were also
there and entertained everyone with a variety of
line dances. The veterans enjoyed a complete
holiday dinner provided by the VFW members. The
veterans and the VFW members and families were
served by members of the Sayville High School
History Club.
The festivities concluded in what has become a
tradition singing the Lee Greenwood Classic, "Proud
to be an American.” We are forever grateful for the
sacrifice and service of these proud men and
women. ##